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Complete the Digital Test by correctly answering the questions below and scoring 80% or more. When you pass the test you will receive a Digital Certificate.

You can never touch a child in any circumstances in sport.

A child is more commonly abused by someone who is not known to the child or family

Sports organisation’s safeguarding is underpinned by legislation.

You should never be on your own in a car with a child

Parents are not allowed to take photographs of their children at a competition

You should make sure you have informed the coach and the committee of a disclosure by a child.

Leaders should listen to young people

Bullying is part of growing up and is not something that sports leaders need to be concerned about.

Your role as sports leaders should have a positive influence on young people.

The NVB act and Part 5 of the Police Act requires that all individuals in specified roles are vetted before taking up their position