Digital Test
Safeguarding 1 Refresher title with Sport Ireland and Sport NI logos
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Complete the Digital Test by correctly answering the questions below and scoring 80% or more. When you pass the test you will receive a Digital Certificate.

If someone is offering their time voluntarily then the organisation should not bother interviewing/meeting them to assess their suitability

A code of conduct is only for young people

Neglect is not considered a form of abuse

First names and surnames of young people should always accompany their photograph on the clubs social media page

A person with a disability is less vulnerable to abuse than a person without a disability.

You only need to take a young person seriously if you have seen abuse taking place.

If a child needs first aid treatment you should respect their privacy by bringing them into a room in their own.

You should always include your own opinion of what has happened when recording a young person’s disclosure

Physical contact should be to meet the child’s needs, not the adult’s.

Your role as sports leaders should have a positive influence on young people.